OmneDiem® is a new kind of company for a new kind of healthcare that is headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI and includes offices in Fargo, ND and Harrisburg, NC. With a multi-channel approach in unique market positions, OmneDiem® is advancing integrative wellness strategies by providing consumers, healthcare practitioners, distributors and retailers with innovative dietary supplements that address under-served and emerging needs.

The primary focus of OmneDiem® lies in the field of digestive health, especially food intolerances. OmneDiem® provides unique solutions in the field of Histamine Intolerance (HIT) and Fructose Malabsorption. Our experience and expertise in this area started in 2000 when we began to develop and execute extensive clinical research in HIT.

In 2016, OmneDiem® launched with the introduction of the natural enzyme Diamine Oxidase (DAOgest®) as the exclusive provider of the only effective dietary supplement for the management of HIT in the U.S. Accompanied by an extensive public education campaign, OmneDiem® became the first U.S. company to actively raise awareness of HIT while offering an exclusive and effective formula. OmneDiem® continues to invest in clinical research, education and product improvements to help bolster Histamine Digest. The Histamine Digest product line continues to provide the most effective support for HIT in the U.S.

Thousands of satisfied customers are proof of these efforts calling Histamine Digest “life changing”.

OmneDiem® expanded its enzyme support products in 2020 with the introduction of Fructose Digest®. Fructose Digest contains the enzyme Xylose Isomerase (XI) to help support the management of Fructose Malabsorption.

In 2021, OmneDiem® began offering its line of enzyme products in the traditional retail marketplace as well.  OmneDiem® continues to grow and refine its position in the retail market including making these flagship products available through our website.

Founded by an international team of industry veterans in cooperation with European nutraceutical producers and developers, OmneDiem® is deeply committed to scientific validation, consumer education, and product innovation. With multiple studies underway and a full new product pipeline, OmneDiem® is poised to supply consumers, healthcare practitioners, retailers and distributors with unique products that fulfill under-served or unmet needs in the healthy gut segment.

OmneDiem® is also committed to developing products supported by extensive clinical research that address under-served and unmet needs beyond food intolerance and digestive health. 

To learn more about our retail and distributor programs, inquiring about affiliate program, inquiring about international distribution, email retail@omnediem.

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