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OmneDiem Innovates Joint Health Market with Zoara™

OmneDiem Joint Comfort

Few segments in the natural products industry are as tried, true and tested more than joint health. Few are as tired and thread-worn as well. Innovation in this segment has been languishing, leaving consumers to settle for standard-issue supplements that offer only moderate results at best.

OmneDiem looks to change all of that with new OmneDiem Joint Comfort with Zoara™. The proprietary blend brings together the most innovative, clinically validated ingredients to address joint health in three distinct ways.

Cartilage Protection

Common ingredients for cartilage support provide structural components of healthy tissues to “feed” the joints. Glucosamine, chondroitin, hydrolyzed collagen—yawn. The Zoara blend takes a different approach with Bioiberica’s b2Cool®.

This undenatured (native) type II collagen works through the mechanism known as “oral tolerance” to defend against autoimmune assault on joint tissues. While hydrolyzed collagen simply provides building blocks for cartilage synthesis and requires high doses, native type II collagen works with just a small dose, introducing just enough native collagen for the body to recognize it as an endogenous substance, thereby short-circuiting or avoiding potential immune system attack on the body’s own collagen structures.

B2Cool® has been validated in multiple published clinical studies demonstrating clear and significant results.

Joint Lubrication

Hyaluronic acid may be one of the most recognized ingredients for joint lubrication, but not all HA is created equal, and isolated compounds never perform as well as “whole foods”. Zoara includes Mobilee®, a complete “whole food” extract from rooster comb that contains 60 percent HA along with its natural synergistic glycosaminoglycans. These complementary compounds make all the difference, as research on the compound has shown greater efficacy at 60 percent HA than the same compound concentrated to 90 percent HA. Published clinical studies in a variety of populations demonstrate Mobilee’s benefits for lubrication, comfort, imflammation and even muscle strength.

Healthy Inflammatory Response

Turmeric is all the rage for a variety of applications, but again, not all turmeric is the same. Composition runs the gamut from run-of-the-mill powders to 95% curcuminoid extracts. Then there’s BCM95®, the world’s leading bioavailable curcumin supported by over 70 published studies.

Like Mobilee®, this unique, innovative ingredient works by including not just isolated curcuminoids but also includes turmeric essential oil enriched to 45 percent Ar-turmerone, an natural active compound missing from other turmeric extracts. This makes BCM95® 700 percent more potent than regular turmeric 95 percent extracts. Plus, it is produced through an all-natural process using no harmful solvents and contains only pure turmeric extracts with no synthetic bioenhancers or additives of any kind.

The New Triumvirate for Joint Care

First there was glucosamine and chondroitin. Then came hyaluronic acid. Now there’s Zoara™, the new, clinically validated triple action dietary supplement that promises to invigorate a tired category and bring true efficacy to consumers eager for real results.

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