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Brain Support with Cerenx 60 Capsules

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Brain Support formerly Cerenx (sodium citicoline) is a dietary supplement indicated for the distinct nutritional needs of those experiencing age-related cognitive decline and related concerns.

Obsidian Brain DHA with Omega-3 Marine Oil 60 Softgels

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DHA is a vital essential fatty acid for brain tissue and neuronal health and function.* Obsidian Brain DHA features high-purity, ultra-refined, concentrated cold-water marine oil that provides a healthy balance of complementary EPA and DPA for optimum bioavailability and bioactivity.*

Obsidian Brain with SmartPrime-Neuro 60 Capsules

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  Obsidian Brain contains Citicoline and Methylcobalamin in a patented sesamin complex designed to optimize activity of these vital brain nutrients while promoting the uptake and utilization of DHA within brain tissue.* Best when used with Obsidian Brain DHA, Obsidian Brain promotes cognition, memory and keen mental acuity.*