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Toast the New Year with Confidence

Omne Diem Drink HD

If Champagne hurts your head and wine makes you flush, bring DrinkHD to your New Year’s Party and ring in the new year with confidence.

DrinkHD delivers safe and effective diamine oxidase (DAO), the enzyme that degrades the histamine in the gut. It’s the high histamine levels found in champagne, wine and other spirits that causes those uncomfortable and embarrassing reactions. Fermented cheese, aged meats, and pickled vegetables—all of which make their appearances at parties—also contain a lot of histamine. And alcohol of any kind inhibits DAO activity.

DrinkHD comes to you from the originators of DAO supplementation so you know it is pure, potent and perfect for any party.

Say goodbye to 2021 and hello to 2022 without suffering. Enjoy the night and feel better in the morning with DrinkHD, everyone’s favorite new drinking buddy!

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Now through December 31st

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