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Histamine Flood

You wake up the morning after a delightful evening with your foodie friends at the newest culinary hot spot in town. You glance in the mirror and notice your face is all puffy with red itchy welts, and think you must’ve been bitten by bed bugs. Then comes the nausea, and you realize it’s a histamine rash.

Histamine intolerance is your body’s reaction to an overabundance of histamine, which is found in a good number of popular gourmet foods.

There’s plenty to be found in your stomach, lungs and skin as well. Stored in and released by your mast cells – specialized white blood cells – histamine acts as a bioactive neurotransmitter chemical that helps many of your body systems function efficiently.

When any type of allergen, trauma or immune threat activates these mast cells, they release inflammatory mediators like histamine, causing your blood vessels to dilate and sending your white blood cells in to attack the invading bacteria, foreign bodies, or toxins. But when histamine overreacts, your body will let you know with some pretty painful signals.

Before your skin, gut and head sound the alarm, you can intervene – thanks to the clinically validated Histamine Digest Diamine Oxidase supplement. This porcine kidney protein based supplement replenishes your levels of the histamine-fighting DAO enzyme when your body can’t.

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DAO To The Rescue

Like the plugs or caps propped into basement sewer openings during a flood, the DAO enzyme in your small intestine is supposed to prevent a complete full body histamine flood.

DAO (diamine oxidase) is the most powerful enzyme able to break down excessive histamine levels in your digestive tract, so they don’t build up and overflow.

DAO allows you to digest your favorite histamine-rich foods without any disruptive reactions.

In a perfect world, this DAO enzyme breaks down all that excess histamine to maintain your biochemical balance (and prevent your puffy redness), allowing you to eat as much vintage wine and chocolate sauce as your heart desires. Unfortunately, not all bodies have optimally functioning flood control systems.

Why Would My DAO Fail To Stop The Histamine Flood?

It may be that your excess histamine is linked to bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) in your small intestine. Certain bacteria generate a glut of histamine, even when you’re not eating histamine-rich foods, so cutting them out won’t do you any good. You must replenish and revive your deactivated DAO.

Another possibility is that your DAO enzyme is deficient or malfunctioning – your body just isn’t able to break down histamine quickly enough to control the overflow, making you more sensitive to histamine-rich foods. That’s why, if you try going on a Paleo or whole food diet which promote cheese, red meat, and high histamine fruits, you may suffer severe gut dysfunctions.

When your body can’t naturally correct this histamine imbalance you may also suffer a runny, swollen, sneezy nose, watery eyes, eczema, migraines, churning gut and bloating, insomnia, brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, irritability or low libido.

To prevent these disruptive symptoms many people go on a histamine intolerance diet: alcohol, canned seafood, aged cheese, aged and smoked meats, chocolate and certain spices, fermented vegetables, as well as certain legumes and nuts.

How To Reduce Histamine In The Body

There are certain foods – histamine liberators – that can help release excess histamines from your small intestine, where you absorb most of your nutrients. You can flush out the flood with these: citrus fruits, berries, apples, broccoli, lettuce, garlic, onions, hot peppers, eucalyptus oil, green tea, and raw local honey. These hearty foods will also supply you with immune-boosting vitamin C, flavonoids like quercetin, and omega fatty acids.

Trying to remember what you can and can’t eat, however, amounts to a full time job – and a rather lackluster dining experience. Your body does have a built in histamine-flood protection system – but it’s not always functioning at optimal capacity. That shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying flavor and nutrition from any source you choose.

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